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Smart Cities

State-of-the-art technology like main world cities, following global trends of Smart Cities and high user appreciation towards its management.

Technology at citizens disposition

Digital high impact daily tool, free and simple to use through the web or smartphone app.

Powerful communication channel

Allows you to broadcast general and interesting information about your city, incorporating banners, georeferenced ads and real time notifications.

Inclusive and accessible

The app can be used by people with visual disabilities, according to social responsability current trends and policies.

Planning and monitoring

Usage data and custom queries are available through dashboards and reports with Business Intelligence technologies, providing useful transportation management info.

What do we do?

Ualabee is a web and mobile platform for the passenger that allows you to find the best alternative from one point to another on the map using public transportation, saving time and money and accessing agencies info, routes, stops, prices, schedules and frequencies, 100% accessible and inclusive development.

At the same time, quality data is gathered on the common usage of the service whose results are offered through Business Intelligence tools showing key indicators in the monitoring and planning of the public transport system, achieving a direct communication with the needs of the citizen and politically capitalizing the implementation, with clear management benefits.

Ualabee CTU

Connecting to Urban Transportation

We accompany the modernization process of your government. We created a program that in just 20 days allows us to deliver the service running in your city.

1. Diagnosis: We made a report about the transportation situation in your city.
2. Standardization: We work the data to be available and reusable in the standard format for international transport data (GTFS).
3. Deployment: We launched together Ualabee's App in your city through a collaboration agreement, delivering this new service to the citizen.
4. Ualabee SIT: We deliver 3 services for free:
- Communication Modules (Notifications, alerts, messaging)
- Modernization Modules (Dynamic maps, indicators)
- Monitoring Modules (information boards, origin / destination demand)

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Why choose us?

The best transport solutions

Our Mission

We want to become the joint between governments and passengers, through an innovative service, accessible and inclusive, giving the best info to users and gathering data that eases real time monitoring, decisions making and system's smart planning, encouraging environmental responsibility and the sustainable development of cities.

The information and its accessibility by all users in a clear, direct and dynamic way, is an essential factor to achieve a high quality service.

Objetivo Ualabee

Our platform

Offer our services to citizens and tourists, placing your city on the front page in transportation and innovation.


A smart city is an innovative city , which uses information and communication technologies to improve quality of life, services efficiency and competitiveness, ensuring the needs of current and future generations regarding the economy, social and enviromental aspects .

All transport information of your city that citizens and tourists need, visualized in our web and mobile applications.

Mobile & Web platform

How to get there, routes and stops, schedules and frequencies, delays and arrival times, taxis, Uber and third party APIs integration

You can use technology as a new communication channel, taking advantage of the service and linking more closely to the needs of transporte.

Communication Channel

Institutional banners, alerts and notification management, live traffic, survey management

Customized Dashboards and reports, which allow you to audit, validate and understand how your service works.

BigData Services

Data management and standardization, transportation planning and monitoring

Governments and institutions that
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